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Our story

Carl and Perwez met at IMD Business School in Switzerland, where they discovered a shared passion for using technology as an equalizer in society.Our interest in Cambodian agriculture is attributed to Carl's familial ties & the potential to make a significant impact on people's lives as farming contributes to more than one-fifth of Cambodia's GDP.konektAgri was thus born keeping the farmer at its core. Its purpose is to educate, enable, and encourage Cambodian farmers to increase the use of technology in their job – feeding the world!

Meet the Team

Carl Huang


Perwez Akhtar


Advisory team

Chao-ching Huang


TCM Engineering, Cambodia

Janmejay Mohapatra


Ajatus Software, India

Jagriti De

Senior Director

DHL Digital Business, USA

Dr. Ralf Marquard

Managing Director

Lhp Software, Germany

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